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Haile Selassie’s grandson buys Ghion Hotel

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @ 10:09 AM ed

Ghion 512 mln dollar deal closed

By Groum Abate

Ethiopia’s Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising AuthorityPrince Aklile(PPESA) has agreed to transfer Ghion Hotel located in the prime corner of Addis Ababa, bordering the National Palace, to Aklile Berhan Mekonnen Hailesellasie, dubbed Prince, i,e. one of the sons of prince Mekonnen.

Prince Aklile Berhan Mekonnen entered a deal with PPEPSA to renovate one of the oldest hotels in Ethiopia with an investment of 512 million dollar to upgrade it to a five star hotel. The investor will own 80 percent of the shares, while the rest will be government-owned.

The prince bought the hotel under his German-based company, Dinknesh, named after his wife.

The prince is involved in various businesses, mainly focusing on financial and stock markets all over Europe. He says he was one of the last sons of Prince Makonnen Haile Sellasie, who was one of the favorite sons of Emperor Haile Sellassie. He further said that it was his wish to buy his family’s property.

In an exclusive interview with Capital, Prince Aklile said that the new Grand Ghion Hotel will be franchised by either Intercontinental Hotels or Hilton Hotels who both are interested.

Aklile is confident about the new Ghion’s future. He says he used to own the Florence Sheraton Hotel and two other hotels in the Italian capital Rome. And hence he doesn’t expect running the hotel in Addis Ababa to be difficult for him.

According to his renovation plan, the current swimming pool will be closed to make way for a new vast five storey, four star hotel. Furthermore, another five star hotel will be constructed where the current Ghion building lies. The new Ghion will have several presidential suits and helicopter-pads to host prominent guests from all over the world. According to the prince, the main entrance of the hotel will be moved to Meskel Square.

Prince Aklile is currently in Switzerland to mobilize money for the construction of the hotel. He says he will return to Ethiopia within fifteen days to start the renovation process by launching an international tender.

According to officials of PPEPSA about seven companies showed interest in the acquisition of the hotel recently, and they selected Prince Aklile’s company among them after evaluating the different proposals.

Constantinos Berhe (PhD), consultant of Dinkinesh, told Capital that the government selected this project because it guaranteed not to shut down the hotel during the renovation, unlike the other interested companies.

Ghion Hotel has been the focus of many high profile businessmen and companies ever since the government invited interested parties to a joint venture a couple of years ago.

The Saudi billionaire Prince Al Wallid bin Tallal was among the first to show strong interest in buying the hotel. Other international companies followed suit in showing their interest in a co-ownership of the Ghion.

The Dhabi Group, which is based in Abu Dhabi and has a large number of subsidiaries operating in the industrial sector of the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, was among them. The Indian investment group TATA International also submitted a business plan to PPESA.

Other interested companies were the Israeli Union Blessed Limited, which is engaged in real estate in Asia, South America and Israel, and SSO Property Limited, a consortium of prospective investors from Nigeria and Dubai, for which Constantinos was also consulting.

The renovation project was expected to refurbish the hotel to a five-star hotel with 250 rooms, a two thousand seat convention centre, a new Ethiopian restaurant, a health and spa centre, 230 apartments, and a mall with a cinema.  (Capital)

17 Responses to “Haile Selassie’s grandson buys Ghion Hotel”

  1. tewbel teferi says:

    The man is not son of Prince Makonnen. \God Knows where he got the money
    maybe it is money belonging to the Ethiopian government laudered by some officials to Switzerland during the mayhem of the revolution.

  2. dagmawi says:

    Good luck to you Sir! Weyane will surely disappoint you. Never trust your country’s enemy!

  3. Jawar says:

    Mr. Tewbel. Why do you want to make this allegation? After all, he can make money like anyone…

  4. Addis says:

    The grand son of the kink is seating with the desigraced Woyan president says a lot about what went wrong with our country. Something wrong with the man to buy the hotel and woyane and expect to make money.

  5. Anti-Legese says:

    Mr. Aklile Mekonen,good luck with your business agreement with president Girma.I look forward to see you upgrade Gihwen to a four star hotel and and bring your dream true.Obvciously,some Ethiopians disapproved of the prince’s business dealings with weyane,yet such approach does not apper to work to advance public cause.

    As long as weyane remains in power in Ethiopia,there will be individuals who will be doing business with it.If they don’t another one will be waiting to use the opportunity.Ther fore, hole some condemenation of the sole survival member of the royal family over this business deal is not to be the solution to the problem at hand.The business of removing the lawless weyane tribal junta need to be the top priority of the people of Ethiopia.For this to happen the active involvement of the nation’s main power brokers-the Oromos and Amharas is a paramount significance.The enregy, resource and talent of our people need to be directed to accelerate the demise of weyane which will usher in the dawn of a new ara.

  6. Gigi says:

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. አበበ says:

    ክሁኑም በፊት ልዑል አክሊል ብርሃን መኰንን ኃይለ ሥላሴ እንኮን ደስ አሉት ።
    የውጭ ሃገር ባለሀብቶች ከዓለም ዙሪያ መጥተው የሃገራችንን ብርቅ ንብረት ሊገዙ ሲሮሮጡ ፤ ኢትዮጵያዊው አንበሳ እንዲየውም ልዑል የአባቶችን ንብረት ሲገዛ ማየትን የመሰለ ታላቅ ድል የለም ።
    አሁንም ለባለ ሃብቶች እንደምሳሌ በመሆን ሃገራችንንና ህዝባችንን እንርዳ ፤ ለሚሰራ ሰው የድጋፍ ሃሳብ እናቅርብ እንጅ ለመተች አንሩጥ ።
    እግዚአብሔር ሆይ ኢትዮጵያንና ሕዝቦን ባርክ ።

  8. Hellow Fellow Ethiopians,

    If really the prince buys the hotel and renovate, there is nothing wrong. It is better Ethiopians, real ones buld hotels in their country it is better than the arabs buy. Arabs like the dirty alha mudin who is exploting the resources the country.

    I wish the prince Good Luck.

    Ethiopia Prevails.

  9. Zewdie says:

    My massage to Ethiopian’s
    It’s good to see our own invester Prince, invest his money to buy Ghion hotel. means alot to his country helpig his people . good luck Prince Aklile Birhan Makonnen Haile Selassie.
    we pray for you.

  10. zora says:

    He is a fake prince or dikala. Never heard Aklile berhan? The father may be ex dergue officials.

    Stand by to be corrected

  11. paulo says:

    what is wrong ppl?this prince is trying to bring buck Ethiopian history.and he is buying from his pocket!!! is it ok thane to be sold for some foreigner?any Way prince akleile God bless you,and Good luck.we will be always next to you……paul

  12. ከግዩን ሆቴል ሠራተኞች says:

    የተከበሩ ልዐል አክሊለ ብርሃን እንኳን ደስ ያለዎት ፡፡

    እኛ የዛሬው የግዮን ሆቴል የነገው ተስፋችን ግራንድ/ትልቁ ግዮን ሆቴል ሠራተኞች ሆቴሎ በእርስዎ እጅ በመግባቱ የተሰማንን ሃገራዊ ኩራትና ደስታ ስንገልጽልዎት በታላቅ አክብሮት ነው፡፡

    እግዚአብሔር ከምንም በላይ እኛን የግዮን ሆቴል ሠራተኞች አሰበን ከምንም በላይ ምስጋናችን የሰፋ ነው፡፡
    ልዑል ሆይ መጭው ጊዜ ሠራተኛው አዲስ ተስፋ የሰነቀበት በመሆኑ በማንኛውም ሁኔታ እኛ ሠራተኞች ከጐንዎት በመቆም ለተሻለ ውጤት እንተጋለን፡፡

    እግዚአብሔር ያሰቡትን እንዲያሳካልዎት መልካም ምኞታችንን እንገልፃለን፡፡

    እግዚአብሔር እርስዎም እኛም የምንወዳትን ሀገራችንን ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ፡፡

  13. Genet Ki says:

    Dear Mr. Aklile Mekonen,

    When i was read this news in the reporter news paper really i was surprised. I am very happy . good luck Prince Aklile Birhan Makonnen Haile Selassie. God bless you.

  14. Kidist says:

    Dear Prince Aklile Berhan Mekonnen,

    When i here this good news , really surprised. God bless you.

  15. Demoz says:

    Congratulation Prince Aklile, its doesn’t matter if he is the legitimate son of prince Mekonnen, what he is trying here is to help his country and it shows the his dedication to alleviate the poverty fr4om his country, so stop all this useless allegation, it will not take us any place, let be constructive and give a chance for someone to do what he wants to his country. Good luck Prince Aklile.\
    One love

  16. abraham says:

    It is good to invest money at home, come on lads. What is wrong in investing in buildings and infrastructures? I will salute you Sir. Did any one know the company called Dinkinesh or the web site or contact detail I will be interested to apply for the design of Civil, Structural and ME part of it as we have a lot of experience in the sector.

    I would say well done, keep up the good job.

  17. John A says:

    Sounds like none of those responding have ever stayed at this delapidated monster. Having done so recently, I can state it is on par with African 2-star hotels. Staff is poorly trained and don’t even knock before barging into your room. The night we left an expensive camera was stolen by some from a room to which only the staff should have had access. A light in my room kept going on and off. I found it had bare wires leading from the socket, an major fire hazard.

    It does have potential, but requires a hige amount of effort. Hard to believe the likes of Hilton or Intercontinental chains would be seriously considering joining them.