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Prof. Bisrat Amare: The man who tortured history

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 06:10 AM ed

By Abebe Gellaw

There are new breed of historians in town that are endorsed by the TPLF to rewrite and narrate Ethiopian history. A “professor” from America is the late arrival to launch a book recently at Axum Hotel, Addis Ababa. The book, Finote Gedil, is not an ordinary book. TPLF’s singer Abebe Arayaand Tirhas Tareke, among others, reportedly led the Whiskey-laced fanfare and drumbeating at the launch of this book that has been endorsed by TPLF veterans as part of their effort to re-write Ethiopian history and toglorify their victories.

The attention given to the author, who resides in Columbus, Ohio, was also evident as the high priests of the TPLF like Sibehat Nega and Abay Tsehaye publicly endorsed the book that glorifies TPLF’s history of terror at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia.

The author, who enjoyed the limelight, was none other than former TPLF torture czar and spymaster “Professor” Bisrat Amare. After the author jetted all the way from Ohio to Addis to promote his book, he widely introduced himself as “a university professor in the United States.” But Mr. Amare attracted even wider attention among Ethiopians not for his lectures but for Gebremedhin Araya’s exposé detailing the mass killings, torture, brutality, rape and robbery that the learned professor and his TPLF accomplices have committed in the name of liberation.

Mysteriously enough, no one in the United States attended Prof. Amare’s university lectures, save his torture chamber, despite the fact that his grandiose talks were found to be very educative and enlightening to TPLF’s lightweight intellectuals, Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye et al. Nonetheless, it should be noted from the outset that the effort of this writer to locate the American university where Prof. Amare claimed to work as a professor could not bear any fruits. One may wonder why but the simple truth is that Prof. Amare’s “university” never exists in real life except in the small imagination of this runaway professor, who is widely known among his friends for his addiction to lies, mischief and tall-tales.

From exile back to TPLF

A high school drop-out from Axum, Bisrat joined the TPLF in mid-1970s and managed to become one of its 06 (torture chamber) chiefs and executioners. When TPLF took control of Ethiopia in 1991, Mr. Amare became the security chief of Addis Ababa. But that did not last long as he was accused of theft and corruption by his own ethnic party. A close confidant of Bisrat Amare who spoke with Addis Voice on condition of anonymity says that the professor is an accomplished con artist. He fled to the United States in the early 1990s after he allegedly robbed a huge amount of US dollars and gold seized as exhibit. “That was actually the reason why it didn’t take him long to open a store in Washington DC before he moved to Ohio,” the confidant said.

As the security chief of Addis Ababa, he had indeed got access to gold and dollars that he started to hoard and give out to his kin and kith, including his rugs-to-riches brother rightly nicked named Tefni who runs businesses in Addis, according to a reliable source. Bisrat was sent to jail for stealing a significant amount of gold and hard currency. Bisrat bitterly told a friend, who was a former TPLF fighter, that it was Tewolde Wondemariam, a former TPLF top gun who had locked him up. But the slick former spy used his connections with Sibehat Nega to get out of jail and fled to the United States. As soon as he arrived, he applied for political asylum under false pretense that he fled Ethiopia as the TPLF persecuted and tortured him.

Until the 2005 elections, Bisrat was known as a dissident of the TPLF, which he used to condemn publicly as a dangerous fascistic mafia group. He particularly expressed his hatred and disdain to Meles Zenawi, whom he accused of being an Eritrean wolf in a Tigrian skin. He was one of the founders and secretary of the now defunct Tigrian Alliance for National Democracy (TAND), which was led by Aregawi Berhe and Hailu Mengesha, who also re-joined the TPLF after the 2005 elections.

Prof. Amare wrote a series of insightful articles in Hawaraya, a Canada based newspaper, that exposed the crimes of top TPLF leadership including Meles Zenawi, Abaye Tsehaye, Arkebe Ekubay, Siyoum Mesfin, Tewolde Wondemariam, Hasen Shifa, Abebe Zemichael et al. (Addis Voice will soon serialize the treacherous history of the TPLF as written by Bisrat courtesy of Hawarya newspaper.)

According to Bisrat’s Hawaraya story, Meles Zenawi is a power-hungry pathological liar and deceiver who can never be trusted. Bisrat says that Meles took control of the TPLF after he set up the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT), an anti-democratic and cultic dictatorial group that has committed untold atrocities against innocent civilians and TPLF fighters. One of the enablers of Meles that betrayed the original leaders of the ethnic front, according to Bisrat, was Abaye Tsehaye, whom he describes as someone who goes with the wind of the day. Another enabler of Meles, Bisrat claimed, was Sibehat Nega.

When opposition parties gained the upper hand during the 2005 elections and change seemed inevitable, Prof. Amare not only changed the history he was writing but also  joined TPLF to fend off the threat of losing power. Prof. Amare was rehired as a US-based TPLF spy and started to sing a new poisonous song composed by the TPLF. They were saying that Tigrians would be “exterminated” if change comes in Ethiopia. Suddenly the professor became a mouth-piece of the TPLF and ventured out to condemn anyone opposed to TPLF’s tyranny.

Distorting history

A few years ago, professor Bistrat had an interview with the pariah broadcaster Nigussie Woldmariam. He used Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote to explain what history is all about. “History,” he quoted Bonaparte, “is a pack of lies agreed upon.”

He said lies are the political weapon of anyone opposed to the TPLF because the history of the TPLF is all about heroism, sacrifice, justice and liberation. But he also contended that, the history of Ethiopia is full of lies and told us that TPLF would rewrite history.

True to his words, his book, “Finote Gedil”, or rather Finote Wishet, turned out to be Prof. Amare’s pack of lies that contradict the story he had already written. One of the major targets of Prof. Amare’s book is Emperor Menelik II. According to the learned professor, Emperor Menelik was not  a hero but a coward. His rule was based on deceit as he did not even have the right to claim the throne unlike Emperor Yohannes because he did not have the lineage of Axumite kings. Menelik’s objective was not to unify Ethiopia, as historians wrote, but to spread his “Amhara philosophy”.

Repeating the arguments of TPLF’s crude historians like Sibehat Nega and Meles Zenawi, the professor wrote in his new book that the cause of the Weyane’s rebellion against “fictitious Ethiopia” was Emperor Menelik, who invaded and crashed Tigrians in collaboration with Italian invaders. Prof. Amare tells us that even the victory of Adowa over Italian colonialists was worthless. Menelik divided Tigrians into two “nations.” He also made Ethiopia land locked…, the professor lectures. He went on to tell us that the legacy of Emperor Menelik to Ethiopians was lies, cowardice and treason…. The professor failed to mention the fact that the worst enemies Ethiopian patriots had faced were mercenaries and Askaris from Tigray and Eritrea. The factual irony is that today Ethiopia is being ruled by the grandsons and granddaughters of Italian Askaris, including Meles Zenawi and his wife, Azeb Gola, who both have mercenary heritages.

The professor forgot the fact that Emperor Menelik was a 19th century Ethiopian emperor who can only be judged in the context of his time. Anti-Ethiopia tyrants like Meles Zenawi, Abay Tseyahe, Sibehat Nega, Arkebe Ekubay, Seyoum Mesfin,…and the false history professor Bisrat Amare should have known a better way of speaking to a nation than spreading divisive and backward tactics of attacking the past. TPLF has proven to be an archaic and brutal group that cannot criticize the past while complicating the future of our country….

Creating division, animosity, hatred…and pitting one ethnic group against another will only have disastrous consequences. Twisting, distorting, and falsifying history can only add petrol to the already volatile ethnic relations in Ethiopia that has been precariously maintained through the hegemony of the TPLF. TPLF’s new historians endorsed by hate mongers like Sibehat Nega and Meles Zenawi will not do any good. Emperor Menelik was a unifier…; his deeds and visions were much more advanced than those of the 21st divisive rulers like Meles…

The professor confided to a friend a while ago that he hated Meles Zenawi. This has nothing to do with the tyranny and atrocities that Meles is committing against Ethiopians. When Derg’s senior military officers attempted an aborted coup d’état in the late 1980s, Bistrat listened to the news on the BBC. He rushed to tell the exciting news to TPLF’s leaders. He broke the news to his bosses but Meles, who does not know how to be gracious, bluntly humiliated Bisrat by accusing him of distorting the BBC news because of his poor grasp of English. Bisrat was so bitter that he wanted to exact a revenge on Meles Zenawi.

The moment arrived for Prof. Bisrat, who relegated the role of Meles within the TPLF to almost nothing. It is quite surprising that Abaye Tseyahe and Sibhat Nega endorsed a book written by a false professor that tortured history. The book reduced the most domineering figure within the TPLF to a nonentity by ignoring his role within the TPLF. This may be a sign of a dangerous gamble that Prof. Bistrat is out to play with the tired kingmakers of the TPLF, Sibhat Nega and Abaye Tsehaye.

One may wonder whether the good professor went all the way to Addis to oust the man he hates to become the next legitimate ruler of Ethiopia from Axum, a quality that even Emperor Menelik could only dream of. While Prof. Amare’s effort to write the embellished history of what he once called a “fascistic” group called MLLT/TPLF, it beggars questions why he is selling a pack of lies compiled as a book. Luckily, we have copies of the real history of the TPLF that the dummy professor, who is not even sure what he does for a living, has already published. For the record, we will be publishing them all.

Bistrat Amare’s Hawarya piece on Meles Zenawi is a must read to understand the true nature of the TPLF. Please read and judge for yourself.

Bisrat Amere on Meles Zenawi (Amharic)

Postscript: This piece would not have been possible without the invaluable input of a few informed sources. I must acknowledge the contributions of Hawarya editor and publisher, Muluken Muchie, who kindly sent me a series of articles authored by Bisrat Amare all the way from Canada. Two former confidants of Bisrat Amare, who were members of the TPLF until they rejected the brutality, crimes and divisive agenda of the group ruling Ethiopia with brute force, gave me valuable insight and information.

21 Responses to “Prof. Bisrat Amare: The man who tortured history”

  1. Zelalem Fano says:

    “Dedebit History” is what this is. Dedebit History is a selective history studied and “internalized” by Meles Zenawi and his brainwashed fools in the Dedebit Mountains.

    Dedebit History’s main aim is to make the TPLF appear “inevitable.” It will use every stereotype available to make the group of thugs’ victory over the Derg appear something of an epic ethnic struggle whose victory was all but written in their DNA. In America, this would be condemned as “racist” pseudo science but in Ethiopia it gets bankrolled by IMF and World Bank.

    As in everything else, Dedebit History is useful for one purpose. It is a very useful tool to sensitize the apathetic mass which is being repressed by these morons. The history these thugs write is so self contradictory, so illogical, I think it can be exploited very well.

    For that reason I thank you.

  2. meles says:

    What a self contradicting writing? Do you or do you not think we live in a world full of contradiction? Writing things like this will only make you very similar to the people you want to write about. Character Assassination without any evidence except hearsay will lead to court. I hope that happens in this case!

  3. Zeg Fanta says:

    Selam Chief Editor Abebe Gelaw,

    As always, this is a fantastic report based on the ground truth assembled orderly and factually. You began to describe the history of TPLF in manner that could be no more piercing and clear than this. You have put the molecules of TPLF apart and the atoms need to clash against each other violently to go to their next stage, burn, so to speak about the eruptions of TPLF’s elements.

    If a segment can be wiped out from the pages of the history of a nation, TPLF’ period ought to be the vacuum. That it does, however shall be a painful memory for generations of Ethiopians.

    The whole story of ‘erkus’ Bisrat Amare started with one big-bang in a paragraph in a short article by Aram Maru, apparently a knowledgeable person with huge dossier on every TPLF element, past and present, dead and alive. It is necessary to expose them, and fear not to see the fire of ‘elqit’ of the wolves and beasts for it will happen to them. It is the only mechanism of nature or divine intervention inorder to pave the road of harmonious and glorious period for Ethiopians. Time has come for Ethiopians and we should rejoice the fact that with them shall go all evils, after them shall follow the new bright era. With Aram Maru and others, it looks we shall receive avalanches of TPLF’S ‘GUD’!

    Peace and God Bless!

  4. edna says:

    This is incredible. The “professor”
    is a fool.

  5. Degu says:

    I wonder why people get jelous and angry whenever a new book on the history of TPLF is published. If you have a problem on the content of the book it is good to challenge it by providing concrete evidences but trying to attack and dehumanize the author is not expected from a person in your caliber.
    Abe and the like, you need to get used to it, otherwise, you can not afford it as so many books are in the pipeline. It is also OK to write the history of Derg or Mengistu too!

  6. Dear Bright says:

    Degu/TPLF Cadre:

    “Dedebit History” is NOT “history” at all. Mr. Abebe Gelaw would have been better advised if he talked about this under the category of “logical fallacy”. Dedebit History is a work of art in that regard.

    Sources? nope they all lie. Context? nope, can’t be bothered, too much reading. “Dedebit History” is what you get when you decontextualize and selectively read a history book then fill up the holes with your retarded imagination. That is how “Dedebit History” is written.

    This is, to be honest, a failure in logic which should be studied on its own merit. The main mistake made here is to view it as some kind of “history” when infact it is an event that is entirely “Dedebitsque” and should be studied as a group behavior emanating from the “Dedebit” experience of a group of morons.

  7. Eske Meche says:

    This is the usual Addis Voice investigative journalism. Thank you, Abebe.
    When a story is told, the story has time and place when and where is occured. Whether it is told today or tomorrow, it is not going to change. Facts of yesterday are stuck with yesterday. When the “professor” told the story a while ago we heard. Now because of his personal stake, he came back with a changed story. Well, what changed is not what happened, for that is in the books of history, but the outlook of the writer. That by itself is ground for labeling the writer unbelievable. I am not writing this to dissect the “professor”. I am here to thank Addis Voice for its wonderful piece.
    Keep it up
    We thank you, Abebe.

  8. Meheret Haile says:

    The Tigray People`s Liberation Front (TPLF) is an ethno-fascist, anti-Ethiopia and anti-Amhara entity created by the Eritrean People`s Liberation Front (EPLF) to wage a two fronged war against Ethiopia. The TPLF effectively used its anti-Amhara propaagnda to mobilize and rally tens of thousands of Tigrayan youth. It is in this anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia campaign and struggle of the TPLF that the strongly and uncompromisingly anti-Amhara fascists like Meles Zenawi emerged and assumed total control of the front. After ensuring his iron grip on the TPLF, the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi intensified the spreading of his anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia teachings in Tigray. According to Meles Zenawi all the ills in Tigray, natural as well as human caused, are the planned workds and products of the Amharas and their rulers. He declared in public that the Amaharas are the sworn in enemies of the people of Tigray and received applauds. Of the designated Amhara kings who the TPLF accuses of inflicting untold damages and sufferings on the People of Tigray, Meles and his followers singled out and picked up Emperor Menelik II as the target of their hostile anti-Ethiopia propaganda. The Interhamwe fear the fascist and racist Meles tried to bring forth during or after the 2005 elections were the renewed editions of his anti-Amhara books.

  9. deme says:

    professor could teach us how to kill peopels

  10. Ayele says:

    Critical and Incisive review is written about the book by Bewkute Seyoum in Amharic weekly Fetehe. It is advisable the editor find the article and reprint it here!!!

  11. Nina says:

    If there is anybody who should be grateful to Minelik, it is the Tigrae people.

    This is not always stated by history books quite often but Eritrea was handed over to the Italians by Alula. And a few years later, Ras Mengesha (son of Atse Yohannis) with 20,000 troops was defeated by 65 Italian soldiers in Adwa. The Tigrae province was all but ready to be colonized when Minilek interfere.

    Now, the Gebre-x’s of Bisrat Amare caliber might not like the fact that they were liberated by Minilek. Be that as it may, the rest of Tigrae which appreciates the fact that Minilik freed them from a guranteed slavery/colonization, should speak up.

  12. Birtu/can says:

    All that glitters is not gold, so they say. What you see is not always what you get. Bisrat Amare’s article proves there are are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing masquerading as part of woyanes opposition which explains the tattered state of the opposition. Remember Lidetu? Thanks to Abebe Gellaw for opening old wounds between Bisrat and Meles Zenawi consequently setting one woyane against another. I can’t help but imagine Azeb Gola sharpening her claws and sinking her teeth on Bisrat’s neck and everyone associated to him for making a mockery out of her husband after all these years. The vindictive nature of Meles will not allow Bisrat to roam around Addis freely now unless he is ready to meet the fate of Kinfe and Hayelom. The diaspora should hunt him down like a rabid dog outside of Ethiopia. Highlighting past stained lives of individuals who jumped fence to either side–woyane or opposition—is a mighty fine idea whose time has come. It can have a devastating nerve wracking effect on their state of mind. For example, i don’t understand why Solomon Tekalegne’s aka fatso clips/ songs are not given play time in opposition medias such as ESAT, GINBOT 7 radio…etc.It is a well known fact that Solomon borchamu used to dress down woyane back in the day before “KINDIBU” became a hit around woyane’s circle. Playing his songs repeatedly while he is having a love affair with woyane will surely deny him a good night’s sleep at Sheraton Addis. He will be looking over his shoulders for the rest of his miserable life thinking what a hot headed woyane might do to his belly. Psychological warfare should be discussed in the same breadth as armed and peaceful struggle. It is a potent punishment to turncoats, sell-outs, boot-lickers, traitors, political prostitutes,bandas, children of bandas, hodams, a$$ holes, cowards….etc.


  13. Wondimu Mekonnen says:

    This is amazing. What a brainless person! Thanks, Abebe, for exposing this liar!

  14. Kumlachew says:

    Oh my God !!!, The so called Mr. Bisrat Amare the writer of the so called ” Finote gedil” history book, Is he real or artificial professor ? Thank you Abebe Galew for exposing this cheap and sick person.

  15. Selam says:

    Abe hut off!!! Thank you very much!!!

  16. COMANDO says:

    Thanks Mr Bisrat i really Love Yo True Story. Down With Fake Story Writers God Bless Bisrat amare and his Friend

  17. solomon says:

    Mr Beserat

    Thank you for writing core truth of our country i appreciate you all the information is based on
    historical document Thank You SIR.

  18. Faris says:

    The so called “Professor” Bisrat,

    Bisrat is birutally killer of thousands of innocent Ethiopians between 1970-1975 ethiopian calender.
    Now he is try to conceal that image by his fabricated pseudo-hsitory. Please, let us join and bring him to justice this moron.

  19. ለማ says:

    ውድ አበበ – ገብረመድህን አርኣያ በአማርኛ የሚጽፋቸውን ጽሑፎች በየጊዜው እያገኘሁ እያነበብኩ ነው። ለመሆኑ ኢሳት እነዚህን ጽሑፎች ምንም ሳይጨመር ሳይቀነስ በራዲዮ ያስተላልፋል ወይ? የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ እኮ ሌላው ቢቀር መሪዎች ነን የሚሉትን ማንነት ጠንቅቆ ያወቀ አይመስለኝም። ይህን አስተያየቴን ለኢሳት ለመግለጽ ብሞክር አልተሳካልኝም። ምናልባት ባንተ ያምር እንደሆነ ብዬ ልኬልሃለሁና አደራህን የዚህን ሰው ጽሑፍ በተከታታይ በራዲዮ እንዲያነብቡት አሳስብልኝ። አመሰግናለሁ።

  20. Wow, this article is fastidious, my sister is analyzing such things,
    therefore I am going to tell her.

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