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Meles looks gravely ill and tired

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 @ 07:06 AM ed

May 20—Since Meles Zenawi faced the shock of his lifetime at the G8 Food Security Symposium in the Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC, Ethiopia’s brutal tyrant had disappeared from public view for one month. On 17th June, Meles resurfaced in Los Cabos, Mexico at the G-20 annual meeting.

But Meles’ appearance in Mexico was untimely as he looked gravely ill and a ghost out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The camera crew from ETV had an easy job this time round as Meles became camera shy and avoided close-up shots. Besides loyal servant Girma Biru and right-hand man Berhane G. Kirstos spoke on behalf of their boss. Berhane has become the favored mouthpiece for the tyrant since the May 18th public humiliation that the tyrant had to face in front of world leaders and TV cameras.

Official pictures published on the G-20 website and a video story by Chinese CCTV shows Meles looking tired, sick and haggard. Ethiopians have already started asking how long will the sadistic tyrant stay on their shoulders. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words.

35 Responses to “Meles looks gravely ill and tired”

  1. Tokechaw says:

    Our holly fathers and mothers has been praying for peaceful demolishing of the tyrant zenawi regime. I hope this time God is dismantling the evil traps zenawi and the TPLF junta. I saw a dead man walking. TPLF will absolutely die with zenawi. Many of the junta’s supporters are sick at this time..

    We will hear the good news soon. Keep praying……..

  2. Meku says:

    Trust me, this man is done!! He has been consumed by his ego and eventually diseases. He looks HIV positive.

  3. Enat Ethiopia says:

    It is quite clear that Meles is sick. He becomes thiner and he also looks pale. It is a sad story for the TPLF cadres who see Meles as their god. All gods-like beings are childs of satan. All men are created equal and there is no need to worship one bold and low tempered creature as a god like being. It is so a good feeling to see Meles looks weak and pale. He looks powerless and I am sure his endings will not be good either. He should have worked for consensus and reconiliation among ethiopians, rather than seeing some ethiopian as enemy and some (his tribes) as golden ppl. I think he strated to pay the price of hate and grange. Abebe Gelaw strated it …who will finish it!

    Abie God bless you

    You did the right thing

  4. O. M. says:

    I don’t want to see him dead; rather, I want to see him in Qaliti in orange suit for convicts, and with shovel in his hand.

  5. Tati says:

    Denegatew alekekewm fesam teregaga

  6. solyana says:

    He looks like a dog!!!

  7. solo says:

    What all dictators forgot when in power is that they are human and there will be time when their power will slip one day out of their hand. When that time comes they are as venerable and helpless as the people they terrified. Meles a hero for his supporters is proven a shameful coward! If our hero Abebe makes him sick by giving him the truth which is hard for him and his supporters to swallow, what do you think will happen when he faces his fate to the likes of Gadafi and Mubarek. It won’t be long for the end of this tyrant as his crime against the people of Ethiopia of all races, religion and background is trebling in recent time. He has woven his trap for his downfall. Truth will prevail..

  8. Teddy says:

    Ye Ethiopia Amlak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kindibu says:

    After an extended disappearance from the public view, terrorist Meles is spotted in Mexico this week. The report by ESAT about his health turned out to be true and Meles is really seriously sick. He lost a big weight in such a short amount of time. Is that Abebe Gellaw’s effect? It looks that Meles won’t be around for too long. May God help the Ethiopian people and also May God forgive Meles’s soul for all his crimes against humanity in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa at large. Thanks to the CCTV for showing us Meles’s ghostly face close-up. The lie factory ETV has already stopped showing Meles’s face close-up. They have not zoomed in his face in a long time to hide his emaciated face. He is still hiding his face behind dark sunglasses. Why in the world would he wear dark sunglasses in a dark room unless he is trying to hide something? Some say that he suffers from brain tumor and some say HIV/AIDS. If his illness is due to HIV/AIDS, did he get it from his wife, w/ro Azeb Mesfin, or his mistress/paramour, w/ro Solomon Tekalign?

    • Samnv says:

      lol !!Meles will die before meskerem.his tumor exploded and spread to his internal organ and blood cells, because of a sudden high blood pressure impact,chance of survival 10% for a very fit and younger person.

  10. Dagnew Woldeeselassie says:

    There are rumours circulating within the TPLF group that the health the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi is deteriorating. The TPLF guys are trying to hold this situation secret lest that their enemies the Amharas rejoice over the failing health of Meles Zenawi. Meles will be remebered among others for his pernicious teaching that the Amharas are the enemies of the people of Tigray. This teaching has been instrumental in mobilizing the people of Tigray for the war machinery of the TPLF and has a broad and widespread acceptance among the people of Tigray. The anti-Amhara sentiment and feeling in Tigray will be the main legacy of Meles Zenawi.

  11. Clapton says:

    My brothers, believe me I know what Meles suffering from. It’s a life threatening condition called Hypovolemia .Meles got this condition (Hypovolemic shock) from our hero Abe Gelaw powerful voice. If you suddenly shout out loud something that is very true believe me Meles will collapses for good. If Woyane wants to keep their master alive they only have one option that’s to see our Abe. He has the antidote for Meles problems not the best hospital or doctors around the world just contact our Abe Gelaw

  12. Peace says:

    I saw a dream six months ago that Meles will die .God may be wants to give us a lesson to do good and wish positive for our country.When God closes one door, he opens another.God give us the poewer to have unity and merciful for others

  13. BBX says:

    Meles’ appearance in Mexico was untimely as he looked gravely ill and a ghost out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. (Addis Voice).

  14. Nahusenaye says:

    He might be understand now Feeling other people’s pain. power & superiority is not only from dictator, It will be interesting to see how history writes this one

  15. Desta says:

    Forget about Meles. He is done. The end is here. He has only few days or may be weeks. Some who are very close to him have already started writing his obituary. Even aigaforum has already started to post about it and about succession. Now the discussion should be about post-Meles era. How is the transition going to be? Woyane is already grooming Eleni G/Medhin to succeed Meles. She has already resigned from ECX today in preparation for the succession. She filled in for Meles at Camp David for the G-8 because Meles was unable to show up after Abebe Gelaw’s stunning blow. According to some rumors the succession has already begun and announcement will be made very soon. The Ethiopian people will not accept the succession plan of woyane, no matter what. Instead we need to use this God given opportunity to make a transition to genuine democracy. People should therefore start discussing about a peaceful transition to democracy through democratic elections. Thanks God for hearing the prayers of the Ethiopian people.

  16. dandy says:

    Do you really understand what you gays write about? Are you writing simply you have to write? Meles is sick because he can be sick like anybody else. To attribute Abebe Gelaw’s episode to mele’s illness seems stereotype. Stop such nonsense and stick to your point.

  17. dinkiqa says:

    All Ethiopians, kepp the faith, keep the fight. Amen.

    If Zinawi thinks his fate ends or stops at this, he still doesn’t know Ethiopians well.Well,this is only the begining of Zinawi’s fate; the final fate of zinawi will soon come without declaring its arrival. All what is needed for now is, Solomon Tekaligne to jot down some eulogy not to read,to sing out with melody on that uniquely inevitable day.

    This past four weeks Zinawi was nowhere to be seen; when suddenly showed up in a G20,either by advise or expelltion,he was much like unusulally skiny and slugish.The way he looks is frightening,the smile was repelling.

  18. NAHOME12 says:

    MR Abebe Gellaw way you didn’t go to Los Cabos Mexico at the G-20 A the Q please YOU SEED IN ESAT TV THAT YOU WILL

  19. Ras Abebe says:

    Dear hero Abe your patriotic work cracks the fascist ruthless banda down. His false barbaric and fascistic-ascari big talks in his pig parliament is exposed and now not only the pigs but also the chair he is gonna to sit will not accept him; if so, the chair will produce some sort of sound to show its laugh and iroy on the dead banda. If he were brave, he would committed suicide. But shame is his grace and so he is alive though he is stand dead! He even gets torched and depressed when he thinks about the parliament.
    #Abe please take care and be very smart as usual to the digging western media people like Al jazeera…………. God bless u, great! We love u!Jeginachin neh! Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur!

  20. getu says:

    losing weight is a sign of healthy life,he is healthier than ever you Pigs(hodam),the reason you guys made this up Abebe’s plan didn’t work,they thought he is some crazy guy from the street and we got 1.54b dollars aid for development. wha belaw abeben wha belaw ho ho,esat belaw esatn.

  21. jama says:

    All of you as a christian ethiopians are agree on one thing…..not to allow more than 50% of Ethiopian population…..those are Muslims not to be part of their own government… what
    kind of Justice you guys talking about……President, Prime minister, most of ministers, everything
    is for Christians…….Ethiopia wil not be a free country forever….if you guys want to take the benifit for your community and belief only…..LET US BENIFIT TOGETHER….OR LET BREAK UP ETHIOPIA.

  22. Abdullahi says:

    I hate Zinawi because he is a dictator who kill innocent lives, but let me tell you, I hate more those who hate him because he is from a certain ethnic group.Mengistu was a a ruthless dictator and even Haile Selase was a chief imperialist who live on the blood of the peasants.
    Tell people which rule ruled according to the rule of law.The only difference between Zinawi and those two before him is he bends the law to kill others and preaches democracy, while the others two never pretended to preach democracy and do otherwise.Their true colors were known,you submit your self to be their subject and you are safe or you opt to be eliminated from the surface of the earth.


  23. Asse says:

    Meles is cancer
    Cancer will take him to hell where he belong

  24. Ras Dejen says:

    TPLF, the banda junta is gonna be burried. The anger, prayer and patience of the Ethiopian people are winning. Banda’s should learn the ultimate: no alien power can save them. Betraying own people and identity can never end in a different outcome. Banda Melese, you betrayed your own people (even your own tribe) since your bush period. You can not expect different ending of yourself. Your own conscience and mind processes poison and power to punish you. You and your fellow junta’s including Aba Dabilos are cursed to end like this. You have yet little chance to get forgiveness of yourself and of the Ethiopian people. Do the following in your last dates:
    - confess all your crimes against Ethiopia and Ethiopians
    - order all the resources deserted to foreign banks back to Ethiopia
    - order all your fellow people to return all unjustly collected properties of Ethiopia back to the national treasure
    - confess your rootless hate against Amhara
    - confess that CIA and ex-colonizers employed you/TPLF to destroy these great nation and people of great values/history

    Soon, you confess and do all these, you will be released from the inflictions upon yourself. Do it now!!

  25. Seni says:

    Lets Pray to gether for Ethiopia would you please brothers and sisters all over the world before our eays to see this evil man to got hill. I have a feeling God is with us this time don’t you think so? look evil never win, right afer desroyed the prying area wow! what was in his maind?, he thought destroying one of our home?.he is out his line destroying spiritual pleace like this.He destroing God home ,so god is incharge now evil is going to live our poor cuntry for ever and ever. Time to pray to gether keep pray Ethiopia is in God hand more than ever just turn your face to god put your knee down every day and night. All of us soon we will thank our God, Ethiopian God in Ethiopia. love you all
    Iyzosh Hagere Selam le Ethiopia

  26. Seni says:

    That is right amen! amen! selam Selam…..

  27. Seni says:

    God please help us!

  28. [...] G20 summit. When China’s CCTV aired footage of Zenawi’s open with Chinese celebrity Hu Jintao, Addis Voice noted, “he looked unequivocally ill and a spirit out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller [...]

  29. big dan says:

    Lets for get about that bloodsucker tyrant for good now what we care about how we going destroy those animals trying to take a power by gun again.we ethiopian lets be togather to dismantel this stupid animals tegrian we pull them thier roots out of ethiopia they are not good for ethiopia.Now christian and muslim ethiopian stand together to distroy tigre.

  30. Selam says:

    I have been following Ethiopian history and current affairs for long time. PM Meles Zenawi is the most brilliant leader Ethiopia has ever seen in its 3000 years of history. But some of you Ethiopians are blinded by your narrow ethnic mentality. If it is true Meles is sick, and he has to relinquish power. God help Erhiopia.

  31. KAhun says:

    Melez free Ogaden and you will be cured

  32. samson says:

    Meles I like his name meles and raAye!…………….newosedom eneber ayewoseduna…….good isareal u know….tebelona beautiful meles u know

  33. samson says:

    Sometimes if a wolf follow a sheep ….a sheep take a step..being who they are …..intertining your self it is a Israelites skill….doing great things…it is all about… good things and…. look after yourself….why you worry about meles….zenawi……that much……b,c you know urself …… when you see your own point u are asking you own eyes somethin u Don,t say and we never worried about meles…..when petros surely figer juses is there….juses sure about petros futures how it looks like.good future for meles

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